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The VOYAGER GALLEY is only open on trips lasting more than
8 hours (such as Marathons and Offshore Trips).

The following menu items are available and additional items may be available seasonally.

We try to accommodate special dietary needs whenever possible whether on a day trip or an extended offshore trip, so please don't hesitate to contact us so we can make arrangements before your trip.

Contact Maria at (732) 773-2388 or

◦  Egg Sandwich (with Bacon, Sausage, or Pork Roll)
◦  Omelette (plain or with fillings)
◦  Pancakes or French Toast
◦  Breakfast Burrito

◦  Burger
◦  Cheesesteak
◦  Sabrett Hot Dog
◦  BLT Sandwich
◦  Grilled Cheese

◦  Cold Soda
◦  Spring Water
◦  Gatorade
◦  Hot Coffee
◦  Hot Tea

DINNER MENU EXAMPLES  (Overnight & Multi-day Offshore Trips Only)
These are examples of our dinner menu items that could be offered on overnight offshore trips.   Not every item is available on a trip.    Every dinner includes Salad and Dinner Roll, Entrée, Side Dish (if not serving a pasta entree), Veggie and Dessert.

◦  Stuffed or Grilled Chicken Breast
◦  Pasta with Meatballs
◦  Chicken or Shrimp Scampi
◦  Chicken or Shrimp Alfredo
◦  Chicken or Shrimp Parmesan
◦  Lasagna
◦  Pork Loin
◦  Fresh Fish

◦  Scalloped Potatoes
◦  Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
◦  Baked Potatoes with Toppings
◦  Sweet Potatoes
◦  Pesto Pasta
◦  Cheesy Mac
◦  Rice
◦  Steamed Broccoli
◦  Fresh Veggie Medley
◦  Green Beans
◦  Corn

◦  Cake
◦  Cheesecake
◦  Pudding
◦  Pies
◦  Fruit Salad

MEAL PLANS – Maria's Meal Plans include breakfasts, lunches, gourmet dinners, snacks and soft drinks.
They are only available on the following trips...

1-Day & -Day Tilefish Trips — $70

30-Hour Tuna Trips — $80

2-Day Tilefish Trips — $90

2½-Day Tilefish Trips — $110

Yum!   How do I get a Meal Plan?   Contact Maria at (732) 773-2388 or
before your offshore trip to sign up for a Meal Plan and get menu details.

À la carte meals are available on 22-Hour Tuna Trips.


CUSTOM MENUS AND MEAL PLANS are also available for Charter Trips or Large Groups.
Contact Maria at (732) 773-2388 or

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